Highly creative, detail oriented digital artist, talented in multiple facets of the creative process. Able to take on all aspects of the project process including: creative/art direction, design, photography, cinematography, writing, editing, 3D Render design, animation, pixel mapping / projection (live). I was all over the place growing up. I moved to Park City, Utah when I was 17 to join the Park City snowboard academy. Being on that team I was in the mindset of making it as a pro. We would travel across the country going to contests, trade shows, other events. I learned a lot about the industry in a really short amount of time. More so, I took photos of everything along the way. There was one day when I was sitting underneath a tree which, oddly enough, had hundreds of shoes hanging by their shoe strings from the branches. I realized then that I wanted to create inspiration for others just as I had been inspired while traveling the country. I knew photography was the way, so I went to school and discovered my passion as an artist. I make my own rules, I Inspire to Inspire.